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Books--conditioning as well as endurance?

In the responses to the query on books about endurance, I noticed that no
books on conditioning were recommended, although Nancy Loving's book does have
some info on it.

I always recommend "Conditioning Sport Horses" by Dr. Hilary Clayton. It is a
truly remarkable book--plenty on both strength and suppleness training,
nutrition, etc. plus a section just on endurance and competitive trail, which
is concise but excellent. Dr. Clayton is one of the consulting editors of our
magazine, Hoofcare & Lameness, so we sell the book for her through the Journal
for $40 plus $4 postage, and wholesale it to tack shops and university
bookstores as well. Her new book, out soon I hope, is Biomechanics of Sport

Right now, we also have about 10-12 copies of a super book from Australia:
Monitoring the Heart Rates of Endurance Horses by Dr. Chris Pollitt. Pollitt
is known for his lameness work (author of Color Atlas of the Horse's Foot,
world's leading researcher on laminitis, etc.) but few people know that he is
(or was, not sure of this year) heavyweight endurance champion of Australia,
plus the FEI vet in endurance at WEG, etc. The book is excellent--great info
on conditioning in general, with emphasis on using the monitor, plus insights
into Oz ideas on endurance. If anyone would like a copy, send me a private
email. It is $20 plus $3 postage. 

Check with AmazondotCom if you must, but realize that there are a dozen or so
of us within the horse industry who have been selling horse books for many
years and who are trying to make a living (how's that for a whine?). We know
the books and the authors inside out and can offer personal service! Most out
of print books are available from Robin Bledsoe ( or
call 617.576.3634) or October Farm. I provide a search service, too, but
usually one call to Robin gets any book a customer needs. 

Fran Jurga

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