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Re: weigh stations

HI All,
  I am a lurker and this is my first post here.  With all this interesting
talk and being in the market myself for a trailer, I felt compelled to
write and enrich my own knowledge from all your wisdom before investing my
money.  I have read every post and printed a number of them, but what I am
wondering now is:
  1. I am looking at a 16' gooseneck, stock to be pulled by my '97 Chevy
extend cab, short bed, with a larger v-8 with the vortec.  We currently
pull a 27' Prowler camper and the Gvw is approximately the same for the
Moritz trailer we are looking at.  The difference is the gooseneck versus
bumper pull.  The camper is bumper pull.  We use the weight distributing
bars for the camper.  I am thinking this will be alot less intimidating for
me to drive.  What are your views?
  2.  Will there be much difference in weights with the horses as opposed
to a fully stocked camper?  I know the weight distribution and turning
ratio will be better with a gooseneck, but will this be a large enough
truck?  We have pulled the camper through the Smokies with no problems.  I
have 2-1200 to 1300 lb horses and a 400-500 lb Hinny. 
  3.  Will we be able to use the same electric break controller that we use
for the camper?  My husband knows more than I but I want to learn more for
myself.  I am getting very interested and involved in the CTR's and Ohio
Horsemans Council (we have rides scheduled all over the state every other
week, and hubby might not get to go every time)

I surely thankyou for all your help and wisdom on these matters.

Amish Country Ohio
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Minds do not necessarily have to think alike to be as "one"!

> VERY well said!!!!  I am not against making our highways safe.  What I am
> against is people who do not know (that includes and I am specifically
> about the DOT and highway patrol) what is legal and what is not.

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