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Re: Patagonia

DreamWeaver wrote:
> >from them and hope for one near you.  Someone wrote and said that they got
> >them at an outlet in SLC, UT, for $68!
> They have them for less than that in their Reno, Nevada (Sparks, actually)
> outlet store.  The last time I was there, they had several pairs in navy
> and some in black.  I know they weren't a big seller, so they probably
> still have some in stock.  The fabric is of excellent quality.  I don't
> know how this outlet store compares to others (of Patagonia's), but it is
> quite large and has quite a bit of stuff in there...most of their items are
> quite suitable for endurance riders!  They have everything from polarfleece
> clothing to sports bras, tights...gloves.  Not to mention all their extreme
> weather gear.
> Happy Trails,
> Karen
> in Gardnerville
> West Region
So where in Reno is this store? Julie

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