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>from them and hope for one near you.  Someone wrote and said that they got
>them at an outlet in SLC, UT, for $68!

They have them for less than that in their Reno, Nevada (Sparks, actually)
outlet store.  The last time I was there, they had several pairs in navy
and some in black.  I know they weren't a big seller, so they probably
still have some in stock.  The fabric is of excellent quality.  I don't
know how this outlet store compares to others (of Patagonia's), but it is
quite large and has quite a bit of stuff in there...most of their items are
quite suitable for endurance riders!  They have everything from polarfleece
clothing to sports bras, tights...gloves.  Not to mention all their extreme
weather gear.  

Happy Trails,

in Gardnerville
West Region

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