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Re: ride wear

> Your brand of riding tights sound like they have some excellent features. You
> see, I've only used Carousel, so I don't have experience with any others.
> There can always be something better out on the market beside what a person is
> used to.

Seems like there's always something better out as soon as you buy
something. :) My only complaint with the Kerrits is that the kneepatch
material used on the beige-colored tights is not nearly as durable as the
black stuff used on all other colors.  I don't know why, but my first pair
(beige) I trashed (literally ripped the kneepatch to shreds) in about 3
months; my second pair, green w/black patch, I've worn and worn and worn,
yet they show very little signs of it.  A barn friend has a pair she's
been wearing for 3 years (dressage, but she works at it every single day). 
I looked at a beige pair in the store today, thinking it was time to have
a 2d pair for rotation <g>, but they have that same flimsy kneepatch as my
first pair. 

I am a beginner endurance rider, so I haven't worn them much in 
competition, but I have put in many long, hot, sweaty afternoons posting 
a trot alongside an asphalt road, and find the Kerrits to be amazingly 
cool -- cooler than anything else I've tried so far (though I'm always 
open to new ideas!).

Glenda & Lakota
Mobile, AL

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