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Re: Feeding Ground Molasses & Alfalfa molasses

> Does anyone have experience feeding either ground molasses and or alfalfa molasses.  If so, what products are preferred.  We're trying to put weight on a hard keeper.  I added some ground molasses to the beet pulp which she seemed to like better. Would appreciate any input on pros and cons of either of these supplements.  Thanks.
> Bernita Barfield
> Southwind Arabians
> Sierra Vista, AZ

Bernita, just a few thoughts on A&M for putting on weight.  Obviously,
to add body weight, you have to supply more calories and feeding a more
energy-dense feed is generally the best way.  Even with the addition of
some molasses, alfalfa is still a forage feed, and far less energy-dense
than any of the concentrate feeds like grains, or fat.  Beet pulp is
right in between being an energy or forage feed---it has more calories
per pound than any of the hays, including alfalfa (molasses or not), but
less calories than any of the grains.

Every situation in trying to put on weight is unique, so you have a
better idea of what your mare will or will not eat, but instead of
feeding alot of A&M, you also might consider feeding either more beet
pulp (maybe with just some A&M for the flavor?) or trying to add a
little grain or corn oil to the beet pulp.

Anyway, a little A&M has it's uses, but if you need to put on alot of
body weight, there might be better solutions.  By the way, there are
some folks that DO pile a bunch of A&M (or other forage) in front of the
horse to put on weight, and think the horse has gained weight when he
looks rounder within a few days.  Just keep in mind that eating alot of
forage will increase the gut fill, so even though he/she LOOKS rounder,
the body condition score probably hasn't changed all that much, it's
just a full gut.

Good luck,

Susan Garlinghouse

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