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Re: Sore knees, etc

.  I now ride 
>Paso Fino-use the Easy Ride stirrups and have left all those aches and
>pains behind. 

Hey, I sure could have used you around Saturday!  My little girl
desperately needed some tadpoles for her 2nd grade class.  She had
PROMISED to bring them, and the ones in our pond had hopped away over
night.  Well...I just happened to be 5 miles in to a 27 mile training
ride on top of Pigeon Mtn. and Kaboot stopped for a sip of a mudhole and
there they were!  Thousands of them!  So...I jumped off, dumped my
waterbottle, put about 100 of them in there and filled it with mudhole
water.   22 MILES I carried that water bottle in my hand trying not to
bounce it too much.  And I just kept thinking..."If only there was a Paso
Fino around...I'd let THEM carry this!"  :-)

Angie, Josie, and a whole bunch of tadpoles who lived until Sunday night,
then sunk to the bottom of the bucket.  If only they'd ridden a Paso
Fino.  :-(

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