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water, water, all over

I attended a seminar just before Atlanta and immediately started to 
pour water all over my horse with super results.  I have a Morgan who 
does not cool like an Arab and he needed every drop.  In CTR one 
cannot use ice water, but I have cooled water with bullets and poured 
that all over my Arabs with no problems.  Good example was The 
Festival of Champions last year with 98% humidity and 100 degrees.  
You could slice the air.  The horses were sweating standing in their 
stalls at 6 AM!!!  You bet we poured water all over them.  As long as 
the water coming off of their bellies was hot, we kept pouring.  Of 
interest, I pour water all over the Morgan even on a cool day.  I use 
a heart monitor to tell me how he is doing and he simply needs more 
help to cool than an Arab.
John and Sue Greenall

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