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Shock absorbing shoes

O.K. Guys,
To those of you who doubted my memory about Valarie having Cash changed
from Shock Tamers to Sneakers DURING the ROC (I thought it was really
weird too), I wrote Roger Rittenhouse, who crews for her and he sent me
this post:

At the ROC in 96  Utah-- I was in the Kanavy crew -- all 4 of us.. Val
started Fire with Sneakers.. and Cash with shocktamers.. Kirk Adkins the
inventor of the Sneaker was there..
At VC 3 Cash was not going too well for Val-- so  Val had Sneakers put
on Cash.
He never moved out so well --and has been going in them ever since.. I
dont think she uses them all the time but at most hard going races..AT
the WEG they both ran with Sneakers.. I think Fire used them on all 4
while Cash had them on the front.

Told you so!  :-D

Angie (right...for once)

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