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Re: The Quicksilver Ride and Tie in San Jose

In a message dated 98-05-05 10:37:38 EDT, you write:

<< I was able to watch the Ride and Tie in Quicksilver Park, San Jose, CA
 last weekend and saw another aspect of endurance that seems 
 popular in the West. >>

This sport was originated by Bud Johns in 1971. He was then working for Levi
Strauss and he thought of this as a promotion for Levi's jeans.  The first
event had many contestants wearing Levis, regular or cutoffs.  How the sport
has changed!  As far as speed, it takes two great runners, plus a great horse,
to do really well.  they seem to average about 10 mph over the entire course.
Two years ago, our daughter Ellen, two time high mileage R&T participant,
asked if she could organize a 100-mile R&T along with our Swanton Pacific 100
endurance ride.  It went well and was run again last year. Dan Barger and Tom
Christofk won their event, arriving at the finish line at 9:46 PM after a 5:00
AM start. They finished before the fourth place endurance rider, who started
at 5:30 AM.  The endurance riders had 3 hours of mandatory holds while the
R&Ters had none.  However, it was wonderful to watch the strategy of the
runner-riders in taking care of their horses.  They stopped to feed their
horses along the way, letting them graze wherever available, they rested at
vet checks, knowing their partner was up ahead on the trail, gauging their
time in relation to their partners. Out of five teams only one pulled, and
that was voluntary due to lameness (I think). It was quite exciting to watch
their progress through the event. Ride & Tie is a world-wide event. They have
been run in Germany and Switzerland, at least. My husband and I ran one during
a rain in Switzerland back in 1985.  There are events across the U.S., but
there are more in the west.  There's a very enthusiastic group in the east,
too.  It's a remarkable event with a great sense of true partnership and it's
brought together many couples with that common interest.  I know of several
who are now married, including our eldest daughter Susan and her husband Butch
Huff. They finished the Swanton Pacific 100 R&T last year, as did Ellen and
her boyfriend Dennis Rinde (a phenomenal runner). Dan Barger and his wife
Lorrie, Bill and Diane Johnson are among other couples who met and married as
a result of R&T.  I really can't remember them all, but there are a good many.
Ride & Tie is a great sport!


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