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Horses eating, misc.

Last night I caught my horse lying down in the middle of the hay pile
eating.  I was just wondering if this is harmful in any way?   I had let
him out to graze on the back lawn after I took him for a nice long walk
:-)....and he had wondered over to a loose bail of hay, pulled it down and
made a nice big mess out of it and lied down right smack in the middle and
chowed down.  As soon as I turned on the lights in the barn he got up and
walked over to his stall.  I've just never seen a horse do this before.  

Big Horn Saddles - if you are short you can order youth size fenders for
them.  I did that when I used to ride in a Big Horn...just call up Janeen
at Sportack and she can get them for you.  It helped a lot because I could
get the stirrups adjusted properly without having the buckle hitting the
inside of my leg. 

About the hoof packing, since some of you have been asking.  I did use the
new hoof packing (from easycare) under the easy boots on this last 100.  It
worked GREAT!!  I packed the entire bottom of the foot with the stuff, then
foamed the boots on normally.  When I took the boots off Sunday morning his
feet looked just super.  In fact (I'm almost embarrassed to say), they are
in better shape than the horse that stayed home!  There are no cracks...the
hooves look nice and supple.  :-)

Happy Trails,

in Gardnerville
& Weaver...who even eats lying down
& Rocky

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