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Re: Recognizing Ridecampers and Equine Laws

In a message dated 98-05-04 23:56:58 EDT, you write:

<< In order to facilitate identification of Ridecamp people, have you
 considered selling a decal or logo of some kind that we could buy from
 Endurance Net for our horse trailers or trucks or whatever?  The "@" on the
 ride number is a good idea but it would be particularly helpful if we could
 identifiy Ridecampers at ridecamp where we could visit, even if our horses
 were gaited differently.   >>

I remember at an AERC convention perhaps two years ago, people walking around
with pins featuring an @ on them.  I asked someone what they stood for and I
was told it represented ridecamp.  At the time it didn't mean anything to me,
but it does now!


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