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The Quicksilver Ride and Tie in San Jose

I was able to watch the Ride and Tie in Quicksilver Park, San Jose, CA
last weekend and saw another aspect of endurance that seems 
popular in the West.

About 26 teams - 2 people and a horse in each - competed in either 11
mile or 25 mile courses in the park.  It has lots of hills and the 
weather was pleasantly cool.

What really impressed me was that the times were short - even with 
all the hills.  Winning time by Dan Barger(manager of Harmony
Ridge and Mustang Classic rides) and Tom Christfolk was about 2:20.  
It is amazing to me how close the horse and riders come on these. 
A good rider seems to be able to really keep up with a horse in 
the hilly rides.  

What impressed me most of all is the ability of some of the 
"mature" runners in events like this.  Just a short time after
the winners - 61 year old Warren Hellman came in second.
And the 9th place team was Bob Edwards, 72, teamed with Frank 
Liebermann, their total ages were about 135 years.

There is still hope for us all when we get to be a little more mature.

And many of these riders also do endurance - Warren, just a week 
earlier came in second on the American River 70 Ride on Samson, 
just behind Marcia Smith.

Riddecamps own Steve Shaw also competed with a newbie that day.

Mike Maul
W and CT Regions

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