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Re: corrals and horses

I'm going to take these letters to the John Wayne Pioneer Wagons & Riders
Board on which I serve, because we've been considering banning electric
corrals after a number of incidents as they increase in use.  Last year as
we were camped at a very large cattle ranch the owners old gentle bull got
out, and went lowing sp? through camp, but the horses took issue with his
freedom, and a whole string of corrals got wiped out. Nobody was hurt
seriously, as we were all enjoying our steak-out a lot of hands were up and
running.   Judy, Duvall Wa.
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From: Teddy Lancaster <>
To: ridecamp <>
Date: Monday, May 04, 1998 11:25 AM
Subject: corrals and horses

>Just a note concerning camping and corrals....I
>have heard (and many of you have) many disasters
>with electric is another story
>from the No Frills ride in April in Virginia:
>" The night before the ride, at10:45 PM, 12 horses
>stampeded.  They
>found 10 right away, but 2 others just
>disappeared.  The people who owned
>them were from Pennsylvania.  They were
>disconsolate, as most of us would
>be.  The two horses ran down Hickory Lane and
>where you turn right to go to
>Edinburgh Gap, they ran right and got caught in a
>bolder field-where they
>remained for six days-without food or WATER.  The
>owners offered a $2,000.00
>reward, and a man whose wife is very ill and
>needed the money found them.
>One was OK, believe it or not, and the other was
>in bad shape.  I know the
>one is home.  The other was at Jeannie Waldron's
>clinic.  My horse was only
>three campsites from where they stampeded and left
>the campground.
>Between Rockbridge (where Many Ann Wates' horse
>got out and cut itself on a
>guard rail and was out for 2 years), the Big Horn
>ride (where Valerie's Sony
>ran through barbed wire and off a 40 foot cliff),
>and this ride, I am going
>to get some really good coral.  I use PVC now-it's
>better than those little
>electric fences, but it won't hold a horse that
>really wants to leave."
>Another customer of mine today ordered steel
>corrals because his horses got hurt with electric
>fence this past weekend...
>Whether you get them from me or someone else, it
>does not matter.  I just want more of you to know
>that more and more disasters are being reported
>with the use of electric corrals.  The State of
>Indiana has already banned the use of electric
>corrals on state land (several years ago in fact).
>Be smart and find better ways to make your horse
>safe and give yourself a good night's sleep.
>Teddy Lancaster
ORG:SHILOH Australian Saddles
ADR;WORK:;;14128 292nd Ave. NE;Duvall;WA;98019

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