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Re: Shoes absorbing shock

>3)Different types of shoes are made up of different type of metals 
>therefore they do not absorbs the same amount of shock.

Well. I guess ya learn something every day! :-)
I read where Valarie Kanavy tried Shock Tamer (I think) pads at the ROC,
but they weren't doing the job, so she switched to Sneakers (I think) at
a vet check and they did.  Guess that's what made it hard for me to think
different steel would make much difference...but I see you point.  

I used to envy people like you.  I REALLY wanted to be able to show
people some worn out shoes, and my horse just doesn't seem to wear them
out.  The only pair that got even a little thin had 2 50's and a 100
miler on them.  My farrier said it's because I don't ride on pavement
like lots of folks, but I know that's not it.  I talked to a girl with a
mare just like your stallion at a race last fall.  Her shoes were paper
thin from the mare pacing the fence because of a stallion in the
distance.  I guess I'll just quit hoping to have shoes thin.  :-)

Good luck,
Angie & Kaboot  (O.K. they wear some on the inside rear!)

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