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Dynamite vitamins

Beth, I started feeding Dynamite Plus to my 16 hand Arabian gelding after
trying everything else (other vitamins, wormers, etc.) for a year to get him
to gain weight.  I've always been a penny pincher and thought Dynamite
products were too expensive, but then gave in since my vet and I had tried
everything else. 
Within 30 days I noted that he was more responsive to me (he was 7 1/2 and had
spent his whole live in a pasture with very little training), then after two
more weeks I noticed him gaining weight and feeling really good.  
To make a long story short I now use multiple products from Dynamite and think
it's worth EVERY cent.  I never leave for a ride without my Plus, DynaPro,
Relax, Release, 1-to-1 or 2-to-1, ismine, miracle clay, trace mineral salts,
and much much more (including things for me).  I've been using these products
for the last seven years and would never use anything else again as long as
these are available.
By the shouldn't use Dynamite Plus vitamins with Strongid C (by the
way, my horses have had much cleaning fecals since they've been on Dynamite.
-Juliua Stroup (

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