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Re: AERC 10 mile rides - YESS! wrote:
If you're not willing to ride at LEAST 25
miles then you should consider casual trail riding.

I take exception only to this comment as many beginners (myself included) are
better off starting themselves AND their horses out on a 15 (of which there are
quite a few in our area as "novice" and "competitive" rides though obviously none
that are endurance "yet").  I am not saying there should be 10 mile LD or even 15
mile LD but I don't think "every" body would be "racing"...  some yes, but those
are the ones who will "race "25" and "35", too.  Anyway, regardless of the
mileage, we need to keep the "new" rider in mind and also the riders who may for
whatever reason not be able to compete above 25.  My husband will be starting out
this year... he can't stand just pitting for me!!  :) and he will be starting out
on 15 competitive rides and depending on him and the horse he will be riding will
move up to 25s as he wants to be able to do the longer distances eventually... but
for his health and to build up the young horse he will be riding, it is beneficial
in our opinion to start them BOTH on the shorter distances... that's again my 2
cents worth but I can see a can of worms has again been opened up.  I hope other
ride campers recognized that original post for what it was... a joke!  :)

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