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RE: AERC 10 mile rides - YESS!

At 09:33 PM 12/29/98 EST, you wrote:
>Anton wrote: <Thank you so much for changing your LD definition to 0-49 miles.
>have been wanting to have an old-time 10 mile race for ages.>
>Anyone notice the 10 mile ride went to a 10 mile RACE. What kind of
>accomplishment does anyone get, running a horse full out for 10 miles. 
>All I see is an accident waiting to happen, to both horse and rider.
>Thanks AERC.
>Peggie Norton


        I'm sure that was a bogus post to stir up the kettle.  The return
address of "" "From: Anton Gueincheek" (goo-in-cheek)
is too far fetched to be believable.  The writer managed to incorporate
everyone's fears about the new by-law change and then take it to the extreme.

Terry Woolley Howe

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