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Re: AERC 10 mile rides - YESS!

I agree!!!  A ten mile race is a sprint, not an endurance race.  Every Tom
Dick, and Harry will be trying to race their once a month ride horse and who
know who will suffer, the horse.  If you're not willing to ride at LEAST 25
miles then you should consider casual trail riding.  I've found that most
people who think they've ridden 10 miles have really only been on the trail
for 2 to 3 miles.  We don't need another "horse show in the woods" and that's
what we will get if we start 10 mile rides.  I live in an equine resort and in
the last year I've seen two "Show Horses", whose owners thought they could
ride 10 to 15 miles without rest, put down. Please think of the horses!!!  

Phil Rash

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