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Re: Saddles

Hi!  I, for one, would appreciate answers to this question
on a public basis, so that the rest of us can benefit.  BTW,
the catalogue, National Bridle Shop, specializes in Gaited
Horses, and I'm considering one of their saddles--the
Granada Paragon.  It is inexpensive, which will allow me
to try  an English type trail saddle that supposedly fits the
gaited horse well, for a smaller investment.  It costs $335
and is  leather with lots of  solid brass rings and a deep
padded seat.  They have a line of Western style saddles
as well.  Their # is 1-800-251-3474--I don't think they
have a web-site.  Thanks, and keep the info. coming.
                      Linda w. Johnny Walker Red
                      Ormond Bch., FL

Kat wrote:

> I have a Tennessee Walking horse and two gaited mules.  My saddle is 20
> yrs old and isn't the best fit for my mules.  I'd like to have a new
> saddle(s) made.  In your experience who makes the best trail riding
> saddle for gaited horses & mules?  Generally saddles for gaited equine
> have a deeper seat and don't throw you forward.  I sit the running walk
> instead of standing or posting the trot.
> If a survey was taken of all competitive and endurance riders who ride
> gaited horses I wonder what the most frequently used saddle would be?
> Do any of you ride a Tucker saddle?  What brand saddles should I
> consider?
> Thanks for your help.
> Kat

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