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Re: winter wrote:
> I must comment about  the line that any thing under 32 degrees is academic.

Who made a comment like that? I missed it. 

> live in sunny Saskatchewan and ride in weather down to a minus 20 below zero.
> After -20 exposed skin freezes way to fast to even pretend to be fun. But 32
> degrees seems almost balmy ,heck that shirt sleeves weather.

I take it that when you are talking 20 below zero you are talking
Celsius. What is that in Fahrenheit? 

Teresa Van Howe, who is on this list from Colorado came up to North
Dakota for Christmas. We want riding on Christmas eve day and it was
around zero degrees Fahrenheit. We were out riding for around 3 hours
and we had a blast. My kids were out with us. We never got cold until
the sun started to drop and with that the temperature dropped. If you
dress right and move at a good pace you do not get cold. I love riding
in the winter snow. It is like riding in a whole different country. I
feel sorry for you southern folks who never get to feel the rush from
running through the snow on a frisky steed. 

Thanks for stopping Teresa, it was great. 

in a balmy 15 degrees Fahrenheit sunny afternoon in ND.

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