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Re: metabolisim wrote:
> I have 4 horses. 2 Qtr a Arab And a Tb. I free feed the Arab And Tb and
> they munch off and on all day. The two Qtr eat untill everything is
> gone. They would eat till their eyes popped out. Is this due to the fast
> and slow metabolisim of the different breeds? Julie

I have my doubts that there are any true differences in metabolism per
se between breeds.  There are hard keepers and easy keepers within any
breed, but I would tend to believe these are differences between
individuals, or are due to differences in breed temperaments, than due
to metabolism at the cellular level.  Anyway, my guess would be that the
differences in feeding styles are just differences in individuals---I
also have (at the moment) 2 anglo-arabians, a TB, a quarter horse, one
purebred arabian and a POA pony, and they all have entirely different
feeding styles, habits and preferences.

Susan G

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