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Re: winter

> wrote:
>> I must comment about  the line that any thing under 32 degrees is academic.
>Who made a comment like that? I missed it.
>> live in sunny Saskatchewan and ride in weather down to a minus 20 below
>> After -20 exposed skin freezes way to fast to even pretend to be fun. But 32
>> degrees seems almost balmy ,heck that shirt sleeves weather.
>I take it that when you are talking 20 below zero you are talking
>Celsius. What is that in Fahrenheit?

That comment sounds like Fahrenheit, not Celsius.  I did 4 years of
undergrad work at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and we often had
to walk to class and all over campus in sub-zero weather.  But about -20F
it started to get painful to have any skin exposed, and -30 (the coldest I
experienced -- and that's without any wind-chill) really hurt.  When it
warmed up to merely freezing in early spring people (including me,
transplanted Floridian) literally walked around in shirtsleeves.

Lynn Kinsky (Santa Ynez, CA)

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