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Re: Lunging versus "roundpen happy"

This is a trainer's viewpoint, the writer is Dean Lacey.  I agree with him
that you can make him sour if you overdo it. He says only one to three
times a week is enough.

>Date: Thu, 24 Dec 1998 13:39:42 EST
>Subject: Re:  Lunging versus "roundpen happy"
>I think the round pen is a great way to teach a young horse balance and
>revisit the basics with older and possibly sour horse. 
>In addition to these benefits , when you ride in the round pen it's very
>difficult to get out of balance with your horse.(If you do you'll fall off)
>Ialso must agree that 1 -3 times a week is enough to keep yor horse on the
>straight and narrow. 

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