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Re: horse that crabs wrote:

> But I could never see that the horses
> suffered from the way they traveled.
> BMc

We weren't familiar with the term "crabbing" but guess this is what my husband's
Arab has started doing when he travels faster.  He used to "track" perfectly,
then when he got in better condition, he started placing the rear feet offset
from the front (thereby making 4 tracks in the trail rather than 2 tracks).  Is
that crabbing?  (He also always carries his tail slightly up and cocked to the
right.)  He has recently started hitting the inside of his near front foot with
his near rear foot causing some slight injury.  We are thinking of putting bell
boots made for distance riding on his front feet to protect him.  Does anyone
else do this?  Is this recommended?  Thanks for any info.


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