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Re: Re: Lunging versus "roundpen happy"

>Date: Sat, 26 Dec 1998 13:06:39 EST
>Subject: Re:  Re:  Lunging versus "roundpen happy"
>Sure , you can share this .
>You might want to add that(in my oppinion) in most cases people don't over do
>the round ring and lunging, they under do it. Most times when people bring me
>a horse they're needing help with , I'll ask them how often they work in the 
>"bitting rig" or bitted to the saddle. 
>   More times than not all I get in answer is a blank stare or a "whats a
>bitting rig?" In my experience a horse needs to work with out the distraction
>of us bouncing around on their back and on their mouths at least once a week
>(or every 3-5 works if you are a weekend rider) to maintain their balance and
>frame.(the manner in which you want the horse to carry themselves in).
>   All in all, it's like any thing else in life .  To much or to little are
>both sins and our chalenge is to find the middle.
>  Hope you had a lovely holiday and we'll see you soon

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