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round pen

 I have a horse with uneven shoulders ( when viewed from behind or
while riding) possibly due to a club foot and one with  no heel. We 
are working on making the feet even with wedge pads and bar shoe. 
Could I use the round pen to strengthen the  weak shoulder???  which
direction would strengthen which side?? wrote:
> True, many people take the round pen a step to far and use it soley
> conditioning, thinking that the horse is getting a stress and
resistant free
> workout.  Unfortunetly, this does put a great deal of pressure on
bones and
> muscles.  Yet, if you work your horse, say, three times a week, on a
> circle and consontrate at the trot, for a total of twenty minutes on
> lunge, you should not have any problems.  You must make sure that
the horse is
> correctly bending, that your footing is not erratic, deep or
extremely uneven,
> and that the horse is listening to you.  Remember that lunging is a
very small
> branch of training in the otherwise mammoth tree.  Good luck.

sandy lundberg

" Its later than you think!!!"

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