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Fwd: heart rates & recovery


---- Begin included message ----
Oh Glenda,
    I remember Endurance before the CRI...and yes, horses were (are) pulled
based on their inability to meet pulse/recovery criteria.  
    BTW, I believe the "Ridgeway Trot", (euphemism for what's now called the
CRI), has become way too important in endurance....every horse's heartrate is
so different,  predicated on level of conditioning, ability to tolerate
stressful (mental as well as physical) situations, cardiovascular efficiency
as it relates to body mass x workload (ambient environmental conditions, i.e,
temperature, elevation, humidity, weight packed, etc.)
    Sorry, Glenda, I'll retreat to the comfort of my endurance apathy now....

    Frank...(I DO believe when errors are made in determining ability to
continue, they 
                SHOULD BE in the favor of the horse and NEVER in the favor of
the rider and 
                his/her quest to win that bucket..)

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