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Re: round pen/Unsymetrical Horses

I've been dealing with a horse that is unsymetrical too. One hoof has a
higher heel, one a lower heel,one foot larger, one foot smaller
shoulders don't match.She puts more pressure (comes down harder) on her
left front and her right rear.  For almost two years I've been trying to
"fix" her. Continuous Chiropractic, Body work, Massage, Dressage
training and experimenting with shoeing. Nothing has worked. Everything
"falls off" her right side. . Every morning her blanket is falling off
to the right no matter how much to the left I put it. Her saddle falls
to the right. I asked my chiropractic how to build up her right side.
She replied, "How do you know it is her right side that is weak, maybe
the other side is over built up and her right side is normal?" Half
dozen of one, six of the other. I give up.


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