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Re: recovery/conditioning

In a message dated 12/21/98 1:24:41 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Some of us noticed that the
 older, more experienced horses, had a tendency to plummet to a pulse of 64
 and then hang there.  It was as if, by aggressively crewing the horse to
 this pulse and then ceasing this work and taking it to the vet we had
 accidentally "trained" in the ability to recover quickly to 64.  >>

No, I don't think you have "trained" the horses to that--I see some that do
that, too, and my take on it is that the rider has learned how to ride that
horse right to the edge so that is all the farther the horse WILL recover.  I
also check what I call "progressive recovery"--although I don't write it on
the card, I check pulses when I vet the horses at the ends of the holds (one
of my little oddities is that at longer checks, I don't even want to see the
horses until 5-10 minutes before they are due to go out, because I prefer to
vet them in the condition in which they are going to LEAVE rather than that in
which they come into the check).  Most of the horses that I see continue to
recover on down into the 40's, or at least into the 50's.


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