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Re: Moutain Bikers/Seasons Greetings!

In a message dated 12/23/98 1:00:04 PM Pacific Standard Time,

<< Provo got very competitive with him and would canter excitedly
 after him, racing him (this was a little scarey - I was worried
 we'd run Patrick over). >>

Although we have never had our own "private" mountain biker, we encounter lots
of them working on trails in Newberry Crater, the site of our Paulina Peak
Ride (also the site of the 1997 Pan American).  Our horses also have come to
look upon mountain bikes as "company" and go through the same motions of
greeting them and being sorry to see them go that they do when we meet other
horses on the trail.  BTW--the mountain bikers are eternally grateful to see
horseback folks out with chainsaws clearing the trails, and have been very
enthusiastic in their thank yous.  Also, the "positive" greeting system that I
mentioned in my previous post is also reassuring to your horse--with your
voice and your body language, you are meeting the "strange monster" as a
friend, and your horse picks up on that message, too.


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