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Re: recovery/conditioning

In a message dated 12/21/98 1:24:37 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Considering the recent talk of SADDR, and
 the perfectly real phenomenon of SAD (seasonal affected disorder, due to
 hormonal changes with decreased sunlight), does anyone think it is possible
 that mammals (horses and humans) have evolved a "gearing down" mechanism in
 the fall, for conserving energy over the winter, and a "gearing up"
 mechanism in the spring? (Told you it was off the wall!)  >>

I don't consider this off the wall at all -- it sounds perfectly reasonable to
me.  Not only reasonable, but probable.  I, personally, come ALIVE when
springs arrives -- full of energy and bounce -- and can really feel the almost
"sadness" in my mind and body when autumn is impending.


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