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Moutain Bikers/Seasons Greetings!

Hi Guys

My experience with mountain bikers has been positive! Partly I think, that
they realize riding in the mountains is dangerous enough without zipping
down mountains with the head tucked under and going 9-0. Lots of bumps,
rocks, shadows, switchbacks, drop-offs.

Many of the bikers have been horse proofed in K-Country. They tend to be
very courteous; stop when horses are going by and are very friendly (and
envious as you trot up a long hill, while they're working their butts off).
Sure there are the occasion DIMR types, but for the most part, real easy to
share the trail with.

My favourite experience was pacing a biker one summer a few years ago.
While conditioning on a popular loop, a cyclist helped me close the barbed
wire gate near the start of the loop, then sorta said goodbye, but wouldn't
see me again. Huh? I said mentally, there's one huge mountain coming up!
Well, I mounted up and caught up to him and passed him at a lope (this guy
could ride by the way!) and up the mountain I went (saying to
long!) Took a break at the top of the mountain and came down at a walk. I
deeked over to the road and a flash caught my eye on. It was the biker,
just motoring down that mountain! At the fork he was just ahead of me. Now
HE was on the road. And I would have needed Secretariat to catch him. Ok,
this was a race now! Strategy please!!! If I couldn't catch him on the
road, I would catch him on the trail...lots of mud, bumps, twisty parts,
lots of ups ad downs and he's on pedal power!

So for about 5 miles we leap frogged through the trails. Caught up to him
when he took a mandatory break (boy was he surprised when I cantered by).
In the end he did beat me...I  lost something from my pack and took about
10 minutes beating around in the bush, and he flew by (waving and
smiling!). But, met up with him at the trail head. There he was, in the
creek, bare feet with his bike. In I went with my horse and joined him.

He said, "I never knew a horse could go so fast," and I replied, "I didn't
know a human could go that fast!"

I didn't tell him I was going another 10 miles, but then I didn't ask him
how much further he was going!

Let's just say I was quite impressed with this guy as an athlete!


Peace on Earth, Goodwill towards All!

Monika, Koko (ok, mom, I'll be NICE) and Ripp (I'm nice all the time!)
and the house cats: Dolly, Squeaky and Raffles.

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