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Re: Fwd: mountain bikers

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Ride.

Mountain Bikes were, for a while, a very great problem. This area of the
Northwest is a very popular place for riding on trails. People come from all
around to enjoy the rides.

We, the equestrians, got together with the local bike clubs and shops and
talked over our problems. Mostly it was the quite silent bike approaching
from the rear with no warning that would spook the horse. Things worked out
quite well but there is an ongoing problem of education to the "new comers"
that appear on the scene.

As trail and endurance riders, we have found that co-operation and working
together has assisted in keeping open some questionable trails. This means
working with all groups, the motor bikes, the mountain bikes and the hikers.

Our greatest problem is not with the users themselves but the agency, local,
state and federal, who perceive a conflict and do not listen to the entire
user spectrum. It seems that some of the se persons delight in creating
conflict so they can limit use of some trails.

So. my Christmas wish for all out there is to work together with all users.
If all the users did this the agencies would be overwhelmed and required to
work with us.

Bob Morris
Morris Endurance Enterprises
Boise, ID
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From: Flemmer, Linda <>
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Date: Wednesday, December 23, 1998 10:21 AM
Subject: Re: Fwd: mountain bikers

>Uh Oh!  Read my (REPLACEMENT) words below.....
> wrote:
>> Around here, it seems that the road riders (ENDURANCE RIDERS) are
stupider than any 6 yera old
>> who has had a little bicycle ed (A FEW RIDING LESSONS). These idiots
insist on riding 2, 3 and
>> sometimes 4 or 5 abreast down a local 2 lane road! Theses are people all
>> dressed up like they are going to a bike (ENDURANCE) fashion show, on
expensive bikes (SADDLES & SLICK, MUSCLED HORSES), and
>> for all they LOOK like, you would THINK they would have a clue. But they
>> - they just zip (GALLOP) on down the road, yakking it up.
>We preach tolerance and share the trails - we need to follow that
>advice.  I ctop and chat with folks like this (or more likely, speed up
>& trot along with them) to explain what I do, what my worries are, etc.
>Usually very well received.
>In my state, bikes are allowed 2 abreast, and that is encouraged.
>Otherwise, cars etc. can pass them without going into the other lane.
>Very dangerous situation.  On narrow trail with blind curves, single
>file is a matter of survival.  MAYBE we'll give natural selection a hand
>& simply get rid of the really stupid ones when they have their
>accidents on these narrow trails.
>I don't know about the bikers using bells, but I do.  I yield to them
>uphill when they have some momentum going, and I expect them to "run
>down" at a controlled, reasonable speed.  So far, very few problems as
>long as we know that each other is coming.  That's where the bells are
>handy.  I have sleigh bels on a velcro strap that attached to the breast
>collar.  The horse's shoulder motion keeps em going.  I get used to them
>by the end of the ride.  I lounged Rocket with them to start - he felt
>like it was no big deal & took to them VERY well.
>BTW - Here, Mountain bikers = souped up, sturdy bicycles ridden off road
>Dirt Bikes are motorcycles that do the same thing.
>Linda Flemmer

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