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Fwd: mountain bikers

Around here, it seems that the road riders are stupider than any 6 yera old
who has had a little bicycle ed. These idiots insist on riding 2, 3 and
sometimes 4 or 5 abreast down a local 2 lane road! Theses are people all
dressed up like they are going to a bike fashion show, on expensive bikes, and
for all they LOOK like, you would THINK they would have a clue. But they DON'T
- they just zip on down the road, yakking it up. Hey bikers, if you want to
SOCIALIZE, got o a coffe shop. Otherwise, pay attention, ride SINGLE FILE
(that's the law, right??) and by DOING these things, save your you-know-what
to ride another day.

---- Begin included message ----
How about coming upon road-hog Bike riders on a curvey road pulling your
4-horse gooseneck.  I honk at them before approaching as I do not cross
over the line.  Do they move over?  Not really.  I usually "brush" by them.
 Sorry, but no sympathy for most bike riders.  Met some really dumb ones on
the trail too,  as if they think they can control their bikes as they race
down a hill with heads down.  We wear whistles and blow them when we are
trotting up hill into a curve.  So far, so good.

This subject just hit a nerve.  Sorry.

Jane Cloud
Turlock, CA

> From: paddi <>
> To: ridecamp <>
> Subject: mountain bikers
> Date: Tuesday, December 22, 1998 11:48 PM
> Had a biker come up on my mare and ding ding his little handle bar bell.
> It was not pretty but lucky for him she went forward and up. Then
> whirled to see what monster we had found and tryed to take him out with
> her front feet. Very strong alpha mare who felt threatened.
> I bet that biker and his friends make noise to be heard on the trail
> now.
> It took me a summer of riding with my son on a bike to get her to not
> want to kill them.
> Now much older and smarter ( the horse not me) she accepts all company
> including wildlife with mild curiosity.
> Paddi

---- End included message ----

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