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Re: Awards Ceremony(stereotyping)

In a message dated 12/16/98 10:46:40 AM Central Standard Time, writes:

> There is quite a difference between forcing guests to adopt their customs
>  completely changing their customs to accommodate their guests. 

After reading the opinions of the people who were there, I hope the opinions
that it is  just that country's way is how it really is.  If so, I can
overlook it and continue with my life.

A comparison that comes to my mind is table manners.  In the U.S. correct
table manners is to hold the fork in the right hand and switch it to the left
when cutting food with a knife in the right hand THEN switching the fork back
to the right hand to continue eating. When unneeded the left hand stays in the
lap.  The British and Europeans eat with the fork upside down in the left hand
and use the knife in the right hand continuously to cut and "pack" food on the

Personally watching that drives me nuts, but I understand that that is their
way of handling eating utensils and would never criticize anyone for it.  It
is proper manners for them.  I am sure when they watch a U.S. person eat it
must look like a lot of wasted motion to them.  Cultural characteristics and
manners were established long before we were born.  To each his own.  Who is
right and who is wrong?

If I ever felt unwelcome or unsafe in a foreign country I would just take my
money and go home and not go back.


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