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Re: Riding with bells

My dogs wear bells...ALL the time.  Yes, it sometimes drives me
nuts, but I have learned to ignore it (except when they scrtach
or shake in the middle of the night).  They wear bells for two
reasons: 1.) It gives "c4ritters" fair warning so they can get
away...I HATE my dogs bringing home bodies of groundhogs, etc. 
Even worse is when they eat them and then come inside to throw it
up. 2.)  I almost always know where they are...the sopund travels
a LONG way here in the country.


Angela C. McGhee wrote:
> >>I have found other riders who THINK it will upset their horse,
> >therefore
> >>it upsets the rider.
> Then again, maybe it just irritates the heck out of the rider.  I
> remember when Nina Warren gave a bottle of aspirin credit for one of
> Ballad's wins over Whoa Jack (before Melissa owned him, when ridden by
> Sandy Olinger).  Nina said Sandy had a bottle of aspirin tied to her
> saddle and the noise of them shaking was driving her insane, so she just
> blew on out of there.
> I had a friend who had a bell on her key chain.  Even inside her fanny
> pack (Oh my, Annette's picturing a bell inside a Kotex right now) that
> bell really got on my nerves.
> Angie
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