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Re: Need for bells during bow season

<<  1)  What knowledgeable deer hunter would be out in the woods at 1:00 or
 >> 2:00 in the afternoon?  We have lots of them.  Any real hunter knows that
 >> deer are not moving at that time.
 >>  >>
 I don't want to be a hunter basher - but...I lived in NE Washington State
where hunting is a fall past time . I saw  *hunters* going into the local
woods at 10 am falling down drunk . I 've seen them road hunting , and I've
seen them hunting on peoples back property without permission . I didn't ride
off my property during deer season . I kept the horses up by the house and the
dogs on chains . You can never be too careful riding out in hunting season -
do bells and blaze orange - many catalogs sell blaze orange tack .


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