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Re: Need for bells during bow season

Geez, I hope we don't have bears where I ride.  I'll keep an eye out for
those droppings, though.  :D


At 07:51 PM 12/16/98 -0500, Teddy Lancaster wrote:
>Just can't resist...sometime, about a year ago, I think Truman
>(was it you?) that posted a cute story about how to ride in the
>wilderness.  I sure wish I had saved the story, but it went
>something like this:
>To insure that you don't inadvertently scare up a bear, it is
>wise to put bells on your horses and yourself while out riding in
>the wilderness,  This way, bears can hear you coming and since
>they really don't want to attack you, will be forewarned and go
>away or hide.  To know when there are bears in the area, you
>should keep a watchful eye on the ground, looking for bear
>droppings. You will know, however, when a grizzly bear is nearby
>as his droppings will have bells in them.
>Cynthia Eyler wrote:
>> Some of you have expressed surprise that I would be concerned about injury
>> from bow hunters.  I am, for two reasons:
>> 1)  What knowledgeable deer hunter would be out in the woods at 1:00 or
>> 2:00 in the afternoon?  We have lots of them.  Any real hunter knows that
>> deer are not moving at that time.
>> 2)  When I told a friend, two years ago, that I wasn't really worried about
>> bow hunters because they have to be sober to have a prayer of bagging
>> anything, he replied "What do you think they're doing, all those hours in
>> the cold, up on those platforms?  I know what my buddies are doing, and
>> lots of them are not sober."
>> So, yes, I'll continue to wear my bells from September to February.
>> Cindy Eyler
>> Baltimore

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