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Re: the perfect saddle - help

If you want the "perfect" saddle fit... you have to measure the saddle with your weight on your horse. I do appreciate that there are many stories, but seriously measurement is a good idea. Because you can then compare measurements and be able to make value comparisons.

Synergist does use the Saddletech Gauge which will get you into the ball park, but if you really really want to know if your saddle fits you should use the Saddletech Computer Saddle Fitting System, which will give you a color picture of the pressures on your horse's back caused by that saddle.

Euro-American Saddlery - Charles Tota has this system and I know he is due to be in Florida in January. I do recommend that you call him at 908-788-7789 to schedule a time.

For more information about using "measurement" as a basis to determine saddle fit. Please visit our new web site . There are two articles that may help under "general" information there is "a solution" which provides an overview of the technology and under "technical" there is "Scientific Saddle Fitting" this is a fully footnoted compehesive view.

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Subject: the perfect saddle- help!!!
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Does anyone out there have any info. - pros and cons on
Synergist, Sharon Saare, or Marciante saddles?  my horse has been having on
and off lameness problems, had very good vet/chiropracter go over him and
she feels a lot of it is stemming from my saddle.

I've been using an orthoflex on him for about 4 yrs.  Its really
confortable for me and hate to admit its not working cause it fits my other
horse so well but...

We live an hr. north of Jacksonville FL.  Any of you w/ in driving distance
have another type of saddle I could try out?

Anita Carlson & Pavichy

fn:Robert Ferrand

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