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Re: the perfect saddle - help

Robert Ferrand wrote:
> If you want the "perfect" saddle fit... you have to measure the saddle
> with your weight on your horse. I do appreciate that there are many
> stories, but seriously measurement is a good idea. Because you can
> then compare measurements and be able to make value comparisons.<SNIP>

Robert makes a good point on fit.  Fit for the horse is my primary
concern, but it is not the only issue in chosing a saddle.  Another
factor that he failed to mention is quality of materials and
workmanship.  Given two saddles that fit the horse well, I'd take the
one with the best quality I could afford and that fit me and my style of
riding.  If a saddle fit my horse perfectly, but weighed 50 lbs, made of
cheap leather, too small for me, with the stirrups and girth too far
forward, I'm afraid that my inability to ride effectively in the saddle
would make the horse sore, too.  (Maybe it wouldn't be all bad - if the
saddle was cheaply made, it would fall apart quickly and I could try
something else.)   :-)

Remember to look at all angles when shopping for a saddle!!  I have
never heard anything bad for quality or workmanship for either Sharon
Saare or Synergist saddles.

Linda Flemmer
> Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1998 08:19:19 -0500
> From: "Jeff and Anita Carlson" <>

> Does anyone out there have any info. - pros and cons on
> Synergist, Sharon Saare, or Marciante saddles?

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