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Bells during hunting season

For the past two years, along with wearing an orange vest, I've sewn bells
onto saddle pouches, velcro strips, etc. in an attempt to avoid being shot
by bow hunters (thank heavens I don't have to worry about guns where I
ride).  But those bells from JoAnn fabrics just never seemed to make enough

This year I ordered harness bells on a biothane strap from Centack and the
difference is tremendous.  I feel much safer.

My horse has never paid any attention to the bells, but hikers and
bicyclists we've run across sure think they're cute.  The hunters I've seen
just smile tightly, thinking of all the deer we've frightened away, I guess.

This is an unsolicited endorsement.  I just wanted to share news of what I
think is a good product.

Cindy Eyler

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