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Re: Toughest Multiday

We've got a five day multiday (we call it a marathon ride) over here in
Australia  in New South Wales in August called the Shazada (named after
an arabian that beat everything that came against him at the start of
this century - he was imported from england) that is 80km (50 miles) a
day for five days, a total of 400km (250 miles).   It is renowned as
being a tough ride because of both the extremely challenging terrain
(very rocky climbing) and it has been in the past very hot and extremely
dry.   Although this year it was just the opposite and major flooding
was the problem necessitating last minute track changes.   This ride is
my ultimate ambition. 
In Queensland they have the Faraway Marathon held over Easter which is
320km (80km a day for 4 days).   This is a very difficult ride by virtue
of the very hilly country and because of the extreme heat. The
completers must really look after their horses to get though.   
There is also a three day 250km (83km per day) in Victoria over Easter
called the Elmhurst Marathon that I have completed - best ride of my
life!!   Lots of challenging riding over steep hilly bush country with
spectacular views.  This is alot cooler and it also normally rains and
it softens up the track nicely.   There is also one in Western Australia
but I dont know very much  about it - its over the other side of the
country and Australia is very wide.
Any way  this is a bit long, but hopefully you may find it
Nony Storer - Australia

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