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Re: awards ceremony

Again, MY OPINION:  they did not boo us or the winners...they
merely showed support for their own.  

Also, IN MY OPINION, the "gala" was to a bought and captive
audience.  To me it was a display of what money can buy and what
poor taste can produce.  

If you were a decorator and had access to every style of decor in
the world, you could decorate a home with all of it. The result
would not necessarilly be tasteful or effectual.  They used just
about every conceiveable "effect" available and did it all in one
show. Not my idea of well-planned or well-conceived.

I also felt we were bussed there on false show off
their newly acquired "toys".  Their audience was bought, and I
resented it.

JUST MY OPINION......I sure could have done without it. Upon
entering the stadium, my bottle of water was TAKEN from me...MY
property!!!!  I, for a LONG moment, forget I was not in the USA
(I wanted to object) and was shoved through the door my a
friend.  I was thirsty, but they said they would take care of us
inside...all food and drink would be free.  Well, it was
hard-pressed to come by and we did not even get seats.  As I
stated in an earlier post, it is THEIR custom and offensive to
me.  I, for one, could not be PAID to live there (unless, of
course, they offered me $5,000,000 and I could leave in a year).


Eugene Farrelly wrote:
> Dear Teddy--
> My understanding is that it was a gala performance--similar to a rock
> concert here--where MOST attendees were REALLY not aware of the race or
> it's results.  Those who "booed" were simply vocalising their discontent
> with the interruption of the "show".  When you invite a whole nation, who
> is to know the extent of "participation" in the intended event?
> Cassie Farrelly

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