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Re: bowed tendon

I have a 14 year old mare who had a bowed tendon when I got her...couldn't
determine how old it was, but she is tough as nails and her only weak link
in endurance is her mind (or lack thereof) - she is afraid of her shadow! 
We have put many many miles on her and have never had a hint of a problem,
so in my opinion, what is necessary is a GOOD LENGTH of recovery time. 

> From: TStampke <>
> To:
> Subject: bowed tendon
> Date: Tuesday, December 15, 1998 10:44 AM
> Can a young <5 yr old>arab racehorse with a grade 2 bow come back as an
> endurance horse, or will the bow always be the "weak link"?
> TIA,
> tracy

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