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Re: that three way race off in MS

Samm C Bartee <> wrote:
> HI Angie, everyone...
> > It was in Mississippi, and Valarie riding Cash was neck and neck
> > Nina Warren on Desert Ballad and Melissa Crain on Whoa Jack.  Nobody
> > witnessed it but the 3 riders...Nina made her move and took off
wide open
> > 
> > This was the sort of race that people dream of seeing...and only
> > people saw it.  And you know what?  They'll probably still act
that way
> > even after winning this huge purse.
> There were quite a few of us there at the finish line that day. They
> finished in daylight.  I remember going out to the finish line and
> thinking we had  few minutes to kill.   Then here comes the loud
> of Larry's big rig.  Him and Tommy come screaming up to park and
> out yelling "here they come"...No way.  We said there was no way
> They said there was too...and about 5 minutes later, sure enough,
> the pounding hooves first...there had been 4 horses leave the vet
> together, but Betsy Reeves pulled back a little bit before the finish.
> She won BC that day.  The three horses pounded into view.  We couldn't
> tell who was what and where...three grey's running dead out for the
> finish.  
> It was incredible to see that finish.  I think it was the most
> race off that I have ever seen...that I wasn't involved in:-))
> samm

For newbies and the uninitiated out there, this story should be
stamped with "don't try this with your backyard horse". It is a story
of a few elite, highly conditioned athletes, but I'd hate to see
people think that galloping full out for the last 10 miles is a good
way for most horses to finish.
It must have been a sight to behold though! Anybody know how long it
took the horses to reach criteria?
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