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Re: toughest multiday

In a message dated 12/13/98 9:57:14 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Ok, so for the sake of argument <G>  What do you consider the easiest of
 the multidays? >>

Possibly the Applegate-Lassen.  The history is fascinating, the scenery is
beautiful, the terrain is frequently flat (two days are dead flat), and the
mountain passes are not particularly steep (though the mountains on all sides
are really rugged). The ride is point-to-point, so a driver is absolutely
necessary. But we loved the ride so much that we rode every one of them when
Lavone Booth used to be manager, and when she dropped it, we waited 3 years
for her to start again. When she told us she never would be doing it again, we
took up the management ourselves. It's a great multi-day ride for beginning
riders or young horses. Location: desert in NW Nevada; date: June 6 - June 10,

Barbara McCrary
Ride mgr., Applegate-Lassen
also Castle Rock 50 & Swanton Pacific 100

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