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SUV to Pull 2 Horses

I used to pull a 2-horse trailer with only ONE horse and supplies with a Chevy
S-10 and I finally sold it with low mileage and in great condition because it
did not have the weight (not enough power, either) to stabillize the trailer.
Just driving down the highway was like having the tail wag the dog. I bought a
Dodge Dakota with a more powerful engine, 5-speed (as opposed to automatic on
the S-10) and 4WD. It has a larger body than the S-10 and is much more stable.
I found the Ford Explorer, for example, to be built on a Ranger chassis, and I
didn't even like the way it handled as a passenger car. I don't know what SUVs
are on the market, but I should think the shorter wheel base might not make
for as stable a vehicle as a regular truck. My experiences only.


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