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RE: toughest multiday

maybe we'll have the chance to try the Kalahri 300 someday! so far I'd say 
the Outlaw was the toughest one on the horses I've been through.  It's also 
pretty dramatic b/c of the drastic changes in geography involved. Pretty 
magificent.  There are so many different ways to look at "ride difficulty" 
tho.  weather can turn a relatifively easy ride into a real test.  and it's 
hard to find a more difficult test than the afternoon of day 2 at 
deathvalley last year (how far up was that? and did we REALLY ride just 50 

I'm pretty much stuck on multi-day rides as the prefered test (tho I've 
only done one 100).   It might be interesting to hear comments
as to the merits of MD's .vs. 100's as the "real" endurance experience??


On Monday, December 14, 1998 3:54 AM, Arikaras [] 
> Leonard,
> Without knowing anything about the other multi day rides i can only 
> on the Kalahari 300 miler. This ride must be up there with the toughest
> rides for horse & rider.
> Rob.
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> Date: Monday, December 14, 1998 12:25 PM
> Subject: RE: toughest multiday
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> >OUTLAW TRAIL, according to the multiday riders I have seen during this 
> this year.
> >
> >I did only the Outlaw, so I can't compare, but everyone seems to be of 
> same opinion
> >
> >Leonard, Belgium
> >
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