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Re: discussion topics

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!   I didn't think being new on the list and
very green yet to endurance that I could get away with saying anything but I
was sure getting tired of wading through some of the sarcasm and
negativity.  I subscribed to RideCamp to "learn" from people who have
experiences and expertise that I don't.  I can be sarcastic and negative
quite well without pointers from this list (just ask my kids!).  I really
think that those who have private quibbles should communicate via their own
addresses and not through ridecamp.  Thanks, Steph, for manning such a great
list...I have learned a ton of stuff and received a great deal of help from
your subscribers in the last week!  I hope someday I will be in league with
all of you!
Maggie and Jonathan (aka Sins R Bad but I think he's great!)

    Check it Out!    

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